Dialysis on Holiday

Aretusea dialysis’ aim is to allow Italians and foreigner patients with kidney disease to enjoy a holiday in Sicily, and particularly in the province of Syracuse. In our project we have involved “Ortigia Viaggi” travel agency, through which we are able to book tourist services coordinated with your daily dialysis treatments (lodging, car rental and transportation, excursions and tours, restaurant recommendations, etc...).

In particular the travel agent / tour operator has an agreement with the Clinic, proposing vacation packages that include hotel stays in addition to dialysis, and tailor-made packages for tourists on dialysis. The proposals fit all the requests of the patient who wants to combine his medical needs with the pleasure of a relaxing and cultural stay. The summer season in Sicily lasts from early Spring until late Autumn, while Winter is fairly mild and sunny. Any time of the year is ideal for a regenerative and memorable break in the beautiful land of Archimedes.

It is necessary to send your request some months in advance and details are provided in relation to the type of dialysis, the frequency of treatment and any requirements regarding the conditions for accessibility of facilities. It is recommended to ask for the package a few months in advance, in order to guarantee the services needed.


our proposals

Week-end Proposal (2 nights and 3 days with breakfast)          Proposal for a week (6 nights and 7 days with breakfast)