To access our services and treatments the patient is invited to check our Services CARD (GUIDE TO SERVICES) and to give us the following updated health records:

  • already performed examinations and diagnostic tests
  • previous medical records
  • identification document (ID or Passport)
  • health card / social security number

The therapeutic treatments performed in our Clinic are delivered only if accredited by the National Health System. Our clinic has agreements with the following entities:

  • Syracuse hospital for emergency management nephropathic patient
  • The Transplant Center at the University of Catania

You can also access the Center by contacting transport companies affiliated with the NHS.



The center welcomes clients who want to spend a short or long holiday in our area. In this case it is strongly recommended to check in advance the availability and send to us your full dialysis card by e-mail or fax. On the first day of your dialysis session you will be asked to show us your medical records, proof of identity and three medical prescriptions:

  • nephrology visit
  • number of planned dialysis
  • Number of enforcement of hemodialysis treatment


Dialysis on Holiday

Aretusea dialysis’ aim is to allow Italians and foreigner patients with kidney disease to enjoy a holiday in Sicily, and particularly in the province of Syracuse. In our project we have involved...

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WHY dialysis

Why do I need dialysis?

Dialysis helps you:

  • Replace the purifying function of the kidney
  • Keep under control the fluid balance and blood pressure
  • Reduce phosphorus and other waste from the blood

What should I do?

  • Do not skip any dialysis sessions
  • Do not leave too soon the Department of Dialysis

What should I do?

  • Ask your nephrologist to recommend a diet for you
  • Program the diet in order to keep at home the right kind of food
  • Give yourself some goodies from time to time, to help you better respect the diet

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