guide to services

"On behalf of all the staff I am pleased to welcome you in our Clinic and introduce our “Services Guide” (oppure Services Card?), in particular thanking all my colleagues who have participated actively, with sacrifice, in the complete and capillary preparation of it.
In this document are shown all the single indications that the management has given and continues to write to constantly offer you a better service.
The Hemodialysis Clinic has the renal patient as the key objective.
The mission of our group is to be an active, alive and vital part of the hemodialysis ambulatory providing the best possible performance in order to achieve a high level of therapeutic efficacy.
We ask you to cooperate with us to better meet your needs and report any changes to our organization. "


The Chief Medical Officer
Dott.ssa Maria Rosaria Di Francesca




Hemodialysis treatments are provided following three shifts a day on six alternate days per week, according to the following types of therapies:

  • HD (standard bicarbonate dialysis)
  • Online HDF (hemodiafiltration online)
  • HFD (high-flux dialysis)
  • AFB (acetate free biofiltration)
  • HF (hemofiltration)
  • HFR (hemodiafiltration online endogenous reinfusion)



Monday - Wednesday - Friday   Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
Morning 06.30 / 10.30   Morning 06.30 / 10.30
Afternoon 11.30 / 15.30   Afternoon 11.30 / 15.30
Evening 15.30 / 19.30   Evening 15.30 / 19.30



Feedback, criticism or suggestions can be submitted to the Director, through a form directly provided by the administrative staff..

Interested parties who submit a signed report shall be answered – by written letter/e-mail - within 15 days from the date of submission.

The monitoring, maintenance and improvement of the services is guaranteed through the daily procedures of internal and external quality controls - through the involvement of the whole staff and continuous teamwork.


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