about us

The Aretusea Dialysis is a treatment center accredited by the Health Service of the Sicily Region, dedicated to the care of kidney disease with a highly specialized practice in nephrology and hemodialysis.

The center has 10 kidney seats (one of which is reserved for patients HBsAg positive), and has one of the highest and constantly updated technology in use, through continuous training of the whole staff.

We place the patient at the center of our entire organization and it is to him that we reserve all our attentions to make his/her stay comfortable and safe during the treatment period.

The therapy provides high standards of comfort and assistance such as independent audio / video facilities and all the provisions needed, guaranteed by the constant presence of nurses and auxiliary staff, coordinated by the medical staff lounge.

Our services are organized to deliver dialysis renal replacement therapy for chronic patients who need continuity of care, in a context that is able to address all issues related to the physical state of the disease and capable of giving solutions for the early detection of clinical complications.


The nephropathic patient is at the center of our attention and all our efforts tend to its satisfaction, the primary purpose of our organization.
In fact we want to develop a project on quality, using different indicators that will be the result of a complex team work.

The whole staff of the Hemodialysis Clinic is indeed committed to ensure the transparency of information in order to guarantee the right use of the delivered services and to offer the best hospitality to patients with renal disease. An evaluation questionnaire is distributed to patients in order to have a feed back on the organization of our center, on the activity and on the type of services provided.


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